Colonial Candle Winter Woods & Holiday Sparkle

Holiday Sparkle Winter Woods

Just in time for AFTER the holidays....Colonial Candle has released a small amount of Holiday Sparkle Candles and we managed to get our hands on a good bit for you, our loyal customers. Please check out the 3.5oz and 11oz sections of our website to grab them before they are gone. Holiday Sparkle 3.5oz 2 Wick VOTIVE Candle – Candles by Fluffy

Unfortunately, Colonial Candle remained out of stock of Winter Woods - our most sought after holiday candles. We were able find some votive sizes in super cute jars for you. Please note, if you noticed a difference in the scent from years ago to the cylinder candle we did too! This votive is the OLD scent we all came to love!  You can find there candles Winter Woods OVAL Votive ~ single wick – Candles by Fluffy

We are continuing to test a variety of candles from the Philadelphia Gift show and will add them as we find them to be "Fluffy's Quality".


Lots of love and candle burning.


~ Christina

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